Sizing Kit

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PLEASE SPECIFY which shape(s) you would like 

  • Medium Coffin
  • Short Oval
  • Short Square
  • Long Square

Ordering a sizing kit will provide you with the most accurate measurement for your press-on nail sets. It is highly recommended to order a sizing kit prior to ordering any press-on nail sets to ensure each nail correctly fits your nail bed. The sizing kit includes 10 nails, numbered from 0 to 9, from thumb to pinky. The nails included in your sizing kit will be used to measure your nails on both hands. 

    These are the preset sizes: XS, S, M, L

    XS- 3,6,5,7,9

    S- 2,5,4,6,9

    M- 1,5,4,6,8

    L- 0,4,3,5,7

    Please reference these sizes after you have measured your nails to see if your nail sizes are preset or custom.