So glad you stopped by! Here are your most frequently asked questions. Let's talk all things press-on nails. 

What are press-on nails? 

If you've never worn press-on nails and you're at a crossroads in deciding to purchase them, let me tell you why you'll fall in love. Firstly, press-on nails are artificial nails, also known as glue on nails, without acrylic powder and are painted with high quality gel polish.

How do I find my size for press-on nails?

In order to get an accurate measurement of your press-on nail sizes, purchase a sizing kit. When you purchase a sizing kit you will have 10 nails in your sizing kit numbered from 0 to 9, from thumb to pinky. The nails that are included in your sizing kit will be used to measure your nails on both hands and you will have a place on your sizing kit to write those sizes down, so that you can reference your sizes in the future when you order a press-on nail set. We want to ensure customer satisfaction and this is why sizing kits are highly recommended. 

Sizing kits are offered in different shapes and it is also recommended to order a sizing kit when you are trying a new shape because each nail shape fits the nail bed differently. For example, my nail sizes in short oval for my thumb and index finger are completely different from my nail sizes in medium coffin and short square.

If you are someone who has worn press-on nails before or you wear them regularly, sizing varies per manufacturer so it is highly recommended to still order a sizing kit from us. 

How long do press-on nails last?

Press-on nails can last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.. it is all about application. How you apply your press-on nails and your lifestyle will determine the duration of time your press-on nails last. An application guide is included in each nail order so we recommend following these steps and taking your time when applying your press-on nails to prevent them from popping off prematurely. 


How do I apply press-on nails?

Application is so important when applying press-on nails because this determines how long the press-on nails will last. Everything you need to apply your press-on nails will be included in your application kit. Prepping your nails correctly will ensure longevity.

1. File your natural nails with your nail file (if your nails are longer.. this is optional)

2. Push your cuticles back with your cuticle pusher 

3. Buff your nails out to remove the shine. Take your time with this step and buff your nails gently in a horizontal motion. This will help the glue adhere better to your natural nails

4. Take your alcohol prep pad and wipe your nails after buffing them remove any dust and to dehydrate the nail so that is prepped and ready to go for the glue.

5. Take out your 10 nails and lay them on a surface (your nails will be ordered from thumb to pinky). 

6. Use a scissor to cut the top of your glue and be very careful with this step. Glue can be sticky so make sure you are focused. There will be spare nails included if you mess up but try to be careful and take your time if you're still new to press-on nails. The key is applying a dab of glue on your natural nail and then rubbing the glue around your entire natural nail using the glue applicator. Also apply a dab of glue on the back of the press-on nail and then glue the nail to your natural nail. When you place the acrylic nail on your natural, please be sure to hold down the nail for 10-20 seconds (I love to count) to ensure the nail adheres. You can gently press down on the acrylic nail. Repeat this step for all 10 nails. 

*The glue dries quickly so take your time 

7. For best results, avoid contact with water for 2-3 hours. If you have to wash dishes for example, wear dish gloves - super helpful!

How do I remove press-on nails?

How you remove your press-on nails is very important and must be done correctly to prevent nail damage. To remove your press-on nails you will need the following:

1. Get a bowl and put warm water (not boiling water, just warm), add hand soap, and cuticle oil, and soak your hands for 15-20 minutes. 

2. Your nails should start to loosen. If your nails have not loosened, take more cuticle oil and apply a generous amount of cuticle oil (or cooking oil, e.g. olive oil) around your cuticles and nail bed and soak hands for another 10 minutes. I recommend watching a Netflix show or movie to kill time! 

3. Take your cuticle pusher from your application kit and use the non-pointy end of the cuticle pusher to lift the nail. Do not use force to do this. Your press-on nails should be loose or dangle to know that it is ready to be fully removed. Applying force is what can damage your natural nails underneath. 

4. Take your time and remove each nail one by one. After you have removed your nails use your nail buffer and buff them out again gently and horizontally to remove glue residue and apply cuticle oil to natural nails for shine!

5. Take a bubble bath and remove your nails.

Are your press-on nails reusable?

Absolutely! Our press-on nails are reusable. If you would like to reuse your nails after you have taken them off, take a bit of acetone and a Q-tip. Dip the Q-tip in acetone and rub the acetone on the back of the nail to remove the glue residue. That is okay if some remnants of glue are still on the back of the nail - they are safe to reuse.

Do press-on nails damage your natural nails?

No, if you take your time in the removal process and remove them correctly following the steps above, you can protect your natural nails. 

How do I prevent nail fungus?

No, please make sure to remove your nails after 3 weeks. Even if your nails stay on for a full 3 weeks, it is not recommended to have your press-on nails on for that length of time. Remove your press-on nails after 3 weeks and reapply them to ensure your nails are healthy underneath. Also, if you have a nail that is loose or feels like it is about to pop off, take it off and reapply it. You do not want to have a nail that is not fully sticking to your nail and have water seeping in, so if your press-on nail feels loose, remove it and reapply it.

How long will it take to ship my order?

Sizing kits are shipped within 1-3 business days of placing an order and press-on nail sets are shipped within 5-10 business days (standard shipping) of placing an order. Follow us on Instagram to see updates regarding when orders have been shipped. Our press-on sets are all made-to-order and are hand painted, so please keep this in mind. We are not responsible for delays in deliveries, but please contact us on our "Contact Us" page or send us a DM if you have any questions/concerns about your orders. 

Do you ship internationally?

We ship in the United States (U.S.) and Canada and as we grow we hope to ship worldwide!