The Chic Collection

"The Chic Collection" is inspired by the everyday chic babe. Each nail set in this collection is timeless and is for the 9-5 woman, mama, college student, and the everyday woman. 

"Dulce" - This set is a beautiful sweet luxurious nude that will you leave you feeling sophisticated. This nude is a beautiful contrast and will complement any skin tone.

"Amor" - This is a beautiful feel good set that symbolizes love. This soft pink is sexy, delicate, charming, romantic, and universal. 

"Commodity" - This set is a beautiful milky white that leaves you feeling like a commodity. This milky white is elegant, simple, and chic. 

"Entourage" - This set is a beautiful red, but not just any red, this set is bold and sexy. You will be turning heads from a mile might need an entourage. This set will leave you feeling like a boss. 

"Cloud Nine" - Don't underestimate the beauty of grey. Grey symbolizes neutrality and balance. This set will leave you feeling like you're on cloud nine. Minimal, yet a showstopper. 

"Mimosa Mami"- This beautiful salmon color is the perfect set for brunch with the girls.. mimosas with a side of a fabulous! 

"Vixen" - This beautiful neon pink is the perfect set for a girls night out in the summertime... minimal yet fierce!! 

"Bahama Mama" - This pastel yellow is the perfect set for a summer vacay...drinking your favorite summer cocktail! 

Every set in this collection will leave you feeling confident and put together!